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UGA photo of hemlock branch infested with Woolly Adelgid at the base of the needles

Close up of infestation

The Woolly Adelgid attach along the branch at the base of the needle growth

They infest the entire branch over time

Branch infested with Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

See the "wooly" covering Adelgid make to create their perfect habitat

Look closely and you will see a "crawler"

Photo of an egg sac

Enlargement of Woolly Adelgid adult & egg sac with the "wooly" covering removed

Woolly Adelgid

Infested hemlock branch

Hemlock showing stress of infestation of Woolly Adelgid

Needles first turn yellow then drop off. This is called Needle Drop

Thinning greenery in crown and lack of luster caused by Woolly Adelgid

Dying Hemlock due to infestation of Woolly Adelgid. A healthy hemlock has deep, high luster, beautiful follage.

Photos taken by assorted agencies and photographers. We appreciate the use of their photos.