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Environmental safety is of the utmost importance for all of us at Adelrid. Before treatment begins an environmental assessment is conducted. Based on that assessment the appropriate treatment is chosen.

We treat each tree based on its infestation, health and environmental conditions. We use the preferred treatment of soil injection based on methods and practices of UGA's Forest Entomology Department. We use Forestry approved products in our treatments.

This protects the tree systemically from re-infestation for a prolonged period of time, eliminating the need to treat annually with non systemic methods

We believe in fair and honest pricing and the prices we charge are low and have made it possible for landowners to treat all their trees on the property to help eliminate ongoing infestation.
Please be aware that if a tree is severely stressed it may require more than the simple soil injection of imidachloprid. In that case it will require special pricing based on the condition of the tree as well as soil and site conditions.

Call us at 706-778-5448 for more information or contact mailto: customerservice@adelrid.org